Meet Peterborough's first black City Councillors

Meet Peterborough's first black City Councillors

The election on October 28, 2018 wound up being an historic event – because this newly inaugurated City Council is the first in Peterborough’s history that has representation of Black Canadians. And we elected not just one black City Councillor – but two! Kemi Akapo and Stephen Wright will represent Town Ward and Northcrest Ward respectively for the next four years. Both are going from politically engaged citizen to City Councillor for the first time.
Peterborough Currents confirmed with the archivist at the Peterborough Museum and Archives that this is the first time black Canadians have served on Council.
I invited them on to Peterborough Currents for an interview just after the election and before they were inaugurated. Listen to an edited version of that interview.