About Me

Ayesha Barmania is tireless in their pursuit of good stories, and they know that storytelling isn’t just the glamourous pursuit of the perfect subject. They know how to pull a good story out of a poor storyteller, and they are dedicated to supplementing the stories they collect through careful research, fact-checking, and review. After all, a good story has integrity. This is why the work they’ve enjoyed most while employed at CBC Radio has been chase production – finding, researching, and interviewing guests for radio programming.

Ayesha also knows that to get good stories, you need a strong community. Unsurprisingly, you can find Ayesha at the community radio station producing content, engaging with community members, and organizing radio event days. They also manage a non-profit podcast network, Peterborough Independent Podcasters, that empowers creators to tell their stories.

Ayesha serves as a host, contributor, and executive producer for a local current affairs podcast, Peterborough Currents, that pulls in mini-documentaries from people all over Peterborough. This work has given Ayesha opportunities to speak at events, judge media production competitions, and provide multi-session workshops for storytelling and audio editing.

So if you’ve got a story you want captured, look no further than the services of journalist, documentarian, and community leader Ayesha Barmania.