Tape sync

I am available to assist in audio productions, including tape syncs, studio tech, and field recording in Ontario. I have my own gear and vehicle and am able to travel when given enough notice. This map shows roughly the area in which I can reasonably travel.

I am able to record up to three interview participants in high quality sound, indoors or outdoors.

Listen to a sample of my tape sync work:

I clean and sanitize all my gear between gigs and follow up-to-date COVID19 protocols, including wearing an N95 mask.

My kit includes:

  • Zoom H6 field recorder
  • Zoom stereo shotgun microphone attachment
  • Zoom XY stereo microphone attachment
  • Zoom mid-side microphone attachment
  • Sennheiser stereo shotgun microphone
  • foam and dead-cat style microphone covers
  • pop filter
  • tripod
  • microphone stand
  • professional headphones
Field recorder
A sample set-up using a Zoom H6 field recorder with stereo shotgun attachment.