Interviews with the candidates, acclaimed trustees and student trustees for the KPRDSB

Nine interviews with the candidates for, and the acclaimed trustees and student trustees of the English public school board for the Kawartha Pine Ridge District.

City of Peterborough candidates: Wayne Bonner (00:06:20), Dennis Hildebrand (00:18:10), Rose Kitney (00:26:15), and Steve Russell (00:38:50). County of Peterborough candidates and acclaimed trustees: Diane Lloyd (00:50:58), Shirley Patterson (01:00:43), and Angela Lloyd (01:16:05). Student trustees: Aidan Hussey (01:27:16) and Lindsey Keene (01:37:37).

There are five other elected trustee positions representing areas in the KPRDSB but not in the County of Peterborough so I have not included them in this episode. There is also one appointed position representing First Nations in the KPRDSB but as her term is ending in November Mary Lynch-Taylor declined our invitation to participate.

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By Ayesha Barmania

Ayesha Barmania is an independent journalist, radio producer, audio artist and podcast consultant based in Peterborough, Ontario.