Freelance Services

Put me to work for your organization in the following ways:

  • Consulting
    I have a wealth of knowledge with regards to podcast production, podcast network development, strategic planning for podcasts, technical infrastructure for podcasting, and podcast community development. Engage me as a consultant to help your organization achieve its podcasting potential.
  • Creative collaborations
    I am happy to collaborate on a wide range of creative and journalistic projects. I can provide consultations on improving your production, and be a partner on all sorts of creative endeavours. Please contact me with your idea and we’ll see if our interests align.
  • Audiovisual documentation  
    I can do high quality audio production, still photography and single camera videography for live events, lectures, workshops, performances, etc. For examples of these please peruse this page.
  • Podcast and radio production  
    Hire me to make audio for you. I am a freelance documentary producer and I’m keen to pitch and create sound-rich narratives. For examples of these please peruse this page.
  • Sound design  
    I am an experienced sound producer. I create gorgeous productions rich with music, environmental sounds and strong stories. For examples of these please peruse this page.
  • On-air and event hosting  
    I am an experienced host and would love to put my skill towards enhancing your project.
  • Teaching  
    I teach workshops on radio production and podcast development. I have many pre-packaged workshops and I am also available to design custom courses.For examples of these please peruse this page
  • Tape sync and other audio assignments  
    I live and work out of Peterborough, Ontario, and I am available to assist in audio productions, including tape syncs, studio tech, and field recording within a 200 km radius of my home base. I have my own gear and vehicle and am able to travel when given enough notice. The map below shows roughly the area in which I can reasonably travel.

The map below shows roughly the area in which I can reasonably travel – which spans from Toronto to North Bay to Ottawa to Kingston, with Peterborough in the center.
Image description: Map of Central Ontario spanning from Toronto to Ottawa to North Bay to Kingston.

And don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss collaboration possibilities and pricing for services. Generally I book work with two to three months ahead.